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May 21st 2021, Hilton Belgrade
Registration would be open soon!


Our mission is to enable, encourage and promote education of all members of the dental team. Educating each member of the dental team is important, because it is the way for the team to achieve superior results, by achieving the effect of synergy - when the knowledge and skills of all members together is bigger than a simple sum of the skills of each member.


In order to communicate this idea clearly, our first annual symposium was named "SYNERGY". The symposium and the idea behind it were accepted widely in our dental community and spread shortly in the region. The importance of educating the entire dental team has been recognized and supported by many of our colleagues. After the first SYNERGY, we started with Study Clubs under the same name - Synergy. Synergy became a brand, a name for the professional education of dental team. A place for professional development, a place for learning from local and international experts in cosmetic dentistry.


Serbian Society of Esthetic Dentistry

Cvijićeva 38, Belgrade

Tel. 011-27-66-992

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